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The voices of those you love are the single greatest influence on your life. They can comfort you, reassure you, ground you, give you relevance and simply trigger memories that you thought were lost. We record and preserve the voices of our current and former Military and their Loved Ones; so, they can listen to those important voices any time they need to feel better.

These recordings have an immediate impact on their lives, and listening to them is an enduring treasure for self-coping, stimulating memories and for giving them positive reassurance all their lives.


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Civilians (not just "like you" but they are you), Businesses, Organizations and Philanthropists (locally, nationally and internationally) give this unique voice preservation recording service to our current and former United States Armed Forces in honor of their service to our Country and to help strengthen their lives and our communities. Our supporters are very forward thinking and want to be a part of this enduring humanistic solution. They recognize the self-coping power of preserving those things which would otherwise be so easily lost to each of us, our Loved Ones' Voices.

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We record, preserve, the vivid voices of our current and former United States Military to help preempt and reduce the stresses caused by their Military lives -simply by listening to those important voices any time they need to feel better or want to experience their personal bonds and reassuring memories.



We record and preserve their voices; so, they can listen to those important voices any time they need to feel better, no matter where they or their Families are in the world or if they are active or retired. These voice recordings give them: very high quality preserved samples of their Loved Ones' voices in time, the reassurance they will never lose the sounds of their Loved Ones or the memories their voices trigger, and a very personal self-coping, centering gift they can explore immediately and all their lives -all of which can help them any time to reduce or preempt their challenging stresses, shared and unique.





The voices of those you love have shaped your life like noting else. They can comfort you, reassure you, ground you, give you relevance and trigger memories that you thought were lost –all of which can make you feel better and less stressed in life. If we preserve, record, the voices of your Loved Ones, you can listen to them virtually any time you wish, or need, to have those feelings, memories and connections. Just the knowledge that you have their voices preserved can give astounding relief from worry of loss and separation. The recordings make that very simple but powerful thing possible; you will never lose your Loved Ones’ voices now or for the rest of your life. Separated from them temporarily or forever, you will always have the special comfort that hearing their voices brings.



Our mission is to do these special voice preservation recordings for our current and former Military and their Loved Ones; so, they can use them immediately and all their lives to help counter the current and residual rough effects, apparent or not, of their Military service -easily seen from separation, loss and harms’ way.



The impact of these voice recordings is immediate, personal and lasting. They listen to these recordings to feel better, and it works. The positive affect of that comfort on their wellbeing and the sharing of the recordings as well radiates rapidly out through our communities. They and their Families live among us, and everyone benefits.

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The Military Members and their Families use these recordings down range, at home, on maneuvers, in retirement and forever. The recording sessions and the recordings transform these Military and their Families by giving them virtually unlimited opportunities to self-cope in reducing their stresses by listening to the recordings whenever they need the power of that comfort.



Military Family Voices is mobile ready and can record these Military and their Families and Friends wherever they are. MFV basically takes the recording studio to them on recording buses/coaches, large fifth-wheel trailers, and mobile equipment to record in facilities and in the field. In addition, the Military Members are able to call out by phone to their Loved Ones and include them on their recordings from anywhere in the world. Military Members and their Families can also call in to make recordings from their locations nationally and world-wide. Since the actual act of recording is a very important bond reinforcement activity, we work to make the recording sessions, even if remote, fun and memorable. We are preserving their voices, first and foremost, but on that way, we capture great messages and natural family interactions, and we always make sure that it is a positive interaction, recording and experience. They receive their recordings in a digital playback format like a CD or flash drive, generally as they leave their recording session –the sessions run from a few minutes to an hour or more if there are many Family members present.


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Military Family Voices is ultimately purposed to serve all current & former and all branches of the United States Armed Forces, in every location. However strategically, the MFV Pilot Project for all the Military is at Fort Carson Mountain Army Post in Colorado Springs, Colorado ( Fort Carson). That Pilot Project is fully operational, serving the four Brigades there, and once it has established permanent and sustainable recording facilities on Post (the main designs for which have been completed and the facilities location approved, and it is now simply a matter of funding), MFV will deploy to the next series of Bases or Posts, in proportion to the funding. Each additional deployment of MFV services to other Military locations will take place as funding is available and with the commitment that another Base or Post will not be initialized without the sufficient funding support to continue services once started for those Military and their Families in that location. MFV receives support from volunteers, businesses and foundations who are not just local to the Pilot Program but are also national and international. These supporters know that supporting all our Military is not a regional issue, just as Military Service is not regional but national and international. They also know that their own communities and regions will benefit from a healthy MFV Program now and when MFV is able to deploy to their specific area.




Everyone’s mind stores, in stunning detail, the nuances of the voices of those they care deeply about. Tragically, we cannot retrieve those details and memories, if we do not have a clear sample of those voices to trigger those stored details and potentially comforting and healing feelings. Photos will not stimulate these same deep memories or the same endlessly combinable feelings. When we are separated from those we love, temporarily or tragically forever, these recordings let us recall important feelings of special connections that are truly basic to our wellbeing and to how we interact in society and in our communities.


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